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NSA Field Station Teufelsberg

Teufelsberg Berlin Reiseblog Radarstation Grunewald NSA

A relic from the Cold War, visible from afar.

The former radar and listening station of the NSA.

It served as part of the worldwide espionage network Echelon.

With it the US American and British security services carry out surveillance far into the territory of the Warsaw Pact.

After the German reunification, the facility became useless due to the end of the Cold War.

Until 1999, the facility was used for civilian surveillance of air traffic.


Afterwards there were many ideas what can become of the facility, even the American director David Lynch supported one of the projects and wanted to establish a university there together with a foundation..

However, all these plans of the subsequent use fail.

In the meantime the facility is leased out and there are guided tours, events and Europe's largest Graffiti Gallery.

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