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Lost Places

NSA Field Station Teufelsberg

Radaranlage Teufelsberg, Berlin

A relic from the Cold War, visible from afar.

The former radar and listening station of the NSA.

It served as part of the worldwide espionage network Echelon.

With it the US American and British security services carry out surveillance far into the territory of the Warsaw Pact.

After the German reunification, the facility became useless due to the end of the Cold War.

Until 1999, the facility was used for civilian surveillance of air traffic.

Radaranlage Teufelsberg, Berlin

Afterwards there were many ideas what can become of the facility, even the American director David Lynch supported one of the projects and wanted to establish a university there together with a foundation.

However, all these plans of the subsequent use fail.

In the meantime the facility is leased out and there are guided tours, events and Europe's largest Graffiti Gallery.

NSA Field Station Teufelsberg

Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin

Notice of external links:


On the official website of the location there are information and links to the events and visit possibilities on the premises.

Anker Lost Teufelsberg

Checkpoint Dreilinden - Drewitz


This place once was the border control point Dreilinden-Drewitz.


Dividing somehow the eastern and the western world.


Today it is a forgotten highway south of Berlin, Germany and a good spot for cycling.

Checkpoint Dreilinden


14109 Berlin

Anker Lost Drewitz
Schiffswrack im Osthafen, Berlin

Shipwreck in Berlin City

A shipwreck in the middle of Berlin.


Legendary are the stories of illegal parties on the wreck in my memory, but even that was a long time ago. 

But from the start:

At the beginning of the 90s, a businessman restored the cargo ship, built in Holland in 1959, to a luxurious passenger ship with sleeping cabins.


Everything was of the finest quality, a lot of mahogany wood and brass was used.


His idea was to offer river cruises and that went really well at first. Then the dilapidated infrastructure of the former GDR got in his way.

Locks didn't work properly - he had to refund the fare to the passengers - the banks stopped financing - bankruptcy.


In 1996, the Water and Shipping Authority of Berlin towed the ship into the 'Osthafen' because, in its opinion, it blocked a public mooring. 

Because of the now missing electricity connections, a hose burst on a cold night and the ship ran full of water.


Since then the owner and the office argue about who is actually to blame and the ship waits patiently.

Shipwreck of the

Dr. Ingrid Wengler

Spreeufer Treptow

10245 Berlin

Notice of external linking:


On the website of the owner of the wreck you can read the complete story from his point of view.

You can also find many photos from the time when the ship was still on its way.

Anker Lost Schiffswrack Spree

             Birthplace of rocket technology

Kummersdorf, Raketentriebwerk Teststand

A birthplace of rocket technology hides in this forest south of Berlin.

Here, in the Kummersdorf army test site, Wernher von Braun developed liquid rocket engines on behalf of the Army Weapons Office until 1936 and the atomic bomb was researched less than two kilometers from here from 1939.

The area has been used for military purposes since 1874, much has happened here in secret and is still undocumented, therefore considerable dangers lurk in the sand and large parts of the forest are still restricted.

If you are thinking about exploring the area, I recommend that you do so as part of an expert guided tour.

This is offered by the "Förderverein Museum Kummersdorf e.V.". This is also a very suitable place to dive deeper into the extensive history of the area.


Förderverein Museum Kummersdorf e.V.

Konsumstrasse 5

15838 Mellensee

Notice of external linking:


The official website of the Association provides information and links to guided tours and events on the site and to the complex history of the area.

Anker Lost Kumersdorf

Victory Shooting Range - Schweinfurt - Germany

Schweinfurt Haardt Schießhaus Victory Brönnhof USAGS Lost Place vergessen Streitkräfe

After the US Army had marched into Schweinfurt in April 1945, the soldiers immediately occupied the locations of the German Wehrmacht there and took them over.

In the 1990s, the United States Army Garrison Schweinfurt grew into one of the largest US locations in Europe.


Over the years a total of over 100,000 US soldiers served in Schweinfurt.

One of the facilities they used is this former

Wehrmacht shooting-range.

Here the US Americans completed their basic and advanced shooting training at the site.

There were training possibilities for handguns, armored vehicles and airborne troops.

Since the withdrawal of the American armed forces no plans for a further use of the area are known.

Victory Shooting Range

An der oberen Haardt

97422 Schweinfurt

Anker Lost Schieß SW



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