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Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck

The Black Moor


A short walk through an intact moor in the UNESCO Biosphere reserve in the bavarian Rhoen.

Somehow we manage to always end up in the Rhön in autumn, sometimes I therefore think that it is always autumn in the Rhön.


Of course it isn't and for sure the other seasons are beautiful here too!

In any case, autumn, its colours, the fog and the damp weather match the Black Moor - everything then becomes a bit more mysterious and the experience becomes very intense.

Regardless of this, it is also considered one of the most important raised bogs in Central Europe and is part of the core zone of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön and home to many rare animals and plants.

Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck
Anker 1
Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck

The climatic conditions in the "Hochrhön" - high rainfall and low soil temperatures - favour moorland growth in this habitat, which is endangered throughout Europe.

Fortunately, the Black Moor has been largely spared from peat extraction and today is in a very original condition.

In order to make it accessible to visitors, a circular path was built on wooden planks in 1987 and today it is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Bavarian Rhön.

Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck

A special characteristic of this moor is the frequency of moor eyes.


These are cracks that form in the moor and then run full of water.


They arise because the moor is in motion.

Nowhere else in Central Europe can you find so many bog eyes as here.

The largest has an area of almost 500 square meters and is about 2.5 meters deep.

A total of 23 information boards have been set up along the footbridge, providing the visitor with everything worth knowing about this habitat piece by piece during the tour.

Since its redesign in 2011, it has been especially designed for children and young people. In general, the whole moor is suitable for schoolchildren.

Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck

Since 2007, there has been a 17-metre-high observation tower made of steel and wood.

The platform is large and offers enough space for groups and school classes, but you have to get along with the feeling that the tower is moving a bit.

But from above you have a really good view over large parts of the moor, and in all other directions you also have a good view over the Rhön and the border triangle Bavaria - Thuringia - Hesse.

Visiting the moor is free of charge, but between November and April it is usually closed for safety reasons. If you want to visit the moor during this time, it is advisable to check in advance whether the path is open.


It is also possible to take part in guided tours through the moor.


There are these regularly every Sunday, from May to October always from 10:00 to 12:00 or in addition, after arrangement.

Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Lars Hauck

The Black Moor is easy to reach by car, in the immediate vicinity there is a large car park with a visitor centre, sanitary facilities and also a small kiosk.

The tour is an excellent opportunity to experience such a rare piece of raised bog at close quarters without much effort.


We were lucky to be almost alone, it might feel different if you are travelling with too many people at the same time.

I consider two hours on the spot as a sufficient time span, if you want to be even further in nature, you will find numerous beautiful hiking trails in the direct surroundings.




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The Black Moor

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