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Nürnberg, Henkersteg, Lars Hauck

The old town of Nuremberg

City Trip

A journey back into medieval times.
A city tour through Nuremberg's old town in summer.

Nuremberg has many faces, one of the most beautiful is the strong presence of medieval buildings. I really like the fact that these buildings mix with the modern city and that real life still takes place in them today. It is most beautiful in summer. In the pleasant warm nights you can enjoy one of the numerous beer gardens, walk along the Pegnitz and finally simply sit down somewhere and have a wonderful view of some beautiful site.

Nürnberg, Altstad, Henkersteg, Lars Hauck
Nürnberg, Kettensteg, Altstadt, Lars Hauck

The Kettensteg

Here on the 'Kettensteg', right next to the western city wall, you can see quite well how different epochs can coexist with each other and side by side in casual ease.

And the hanging- bridge with its modern appearance is in reality something historic in itself.

It was built as early as 1824 and is the first cantilevered river bridge in Germany.


Today it is even the oldest preserved iron chain bridge on the European mainland.

By the way, close to the bridge you can't miss a quite pleasant beer garden where you can enjoy the beer garden culture of this city to the full.

Handwerkerhof, Frauentorturm, Altstadt, Lars Hauck

The Handwerkerhof

In the Handwerkerhof at the Frauentorturm not everything is as historic as it seems.

For the celebration of Albrecht Dürer's 500th birthday, a small craftsman town consisting of small houses with a half-timbered façade was built  in 1871 in the former Waffenhof in consultation with the monument protection authority.

Franconian and Nuremberg specialties are offered in the houses.


Visitors can also look over the shoulders of glass cutters, tinsmiths, doll makers and many other historical craftsmen.


There are also many special exhibitions throughout the year.

Originally it was planned to demolish the whole complex in 1972.


Due to its popularity among tourists, however, the whole ensemble was decided to be continue das an attraction and so you can visit it up till today.

The Platz am Tiergärtnertor

Tiergärtnertor, Altstadt, Nürnberg, Lars Hauck

The old town can hardly be surpassed in romance. Everywhere small narrow alleys, bridges and life.

Here at the "Platz am Tiergärtnertor" a colourful life of its own  takes place on warm summer nights.


Everywhere young people sit on small walls, on stairs, or simply on the cobblestone pavement and everyone seems to have a drink from one of the numerous restaurants and some snack like the well known Nuresmberger Bratwurst in their hands and is excited to chat with someone else.


Everything is so beautifully harmonious and peaceful in an ambience that largely originated in the 13th century so you hardly can resist being part of it. The "Albrecht Dürer Haus" is located directly on the square.

Kaiserburg, Altstadt, Nürnberg, Lars Hauck

The Imperial Castle

Above all lies the landmark of the city, the Imperial Castle, it is visible from afar.


The oldest parts of the castle date back to the year 1050.


Since then, it has become increasingly complex and is now considered one of the largest castles in Germany.


One can almost visit the complete castle, but it is recommended to plan at least some hours.


All over the place, beautiful panoramic views invite you to stay and enjoy.


In the immediate vicinity of the castle, partly integrated into the complex, there are various historical localities that round off the visit to the castle culinary.

The Sinwell Tower

Sinnwelturm, Nürnberg, Altstadt, Lars Hauck

One of the landmarks of the castle is the Sinwell Tower.


The tower is about 30 meters high and stands on a high rock.

Those who do not shy away from the 113 steep, well-trodden wooden steps will be rewarded at the top with an overwhelming all-round view over the whole city and the surrounding area of Nuremberg.


After all, here you are almost 100 meters above the old town of Nuremberg.

The Henkersteg

Henkersteg, Altstad, Nürnberg, Lars Hauck

The executioner's footbridge.


It owes its name to the fact that in the Middle Ages in the tower at the bridge was the official residence of the executioner and his assistants.


Dark times.

Today the bridge is mainly used as a way to the flea market. It is idyllically situated on a small island in the Pegnitz.

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On the website of the Bavarian Palace Department I found some useful background information on the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg.

Therefore I have linked their website here.

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