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"Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost."

Erol Ozan

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The Black Moor

A short trail through an intact highland moor in the UNESCO Biosphere Reservation Rhön.

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The Sheep's Head Trail

Far away from everything else.The Sheep's Head Trail.Wide views and all sorts of weather.

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Hiking Snaps

Impressions from a variety of hikes in various places that give me the feeling it is worth getting up early and just get walking.

Anker 2

The Sheep's Head Trail

The Black Moor

The Black Valley

Anker Weg Barley Lake
Barley Lake, County Cork, Irlnd

Far away from everything else is this path at Barley Lake in Ireland.


One walks through an absolutely pristine nature and you can enjoy all around unspoiled views on the Caha Mountains.


Here, nothing is developed and it is recommended to carry everything you need, especially some water, with you.


But you get the ultimate feeling of loneliness and pure wilderness.

When it has rained it is recommended to put on waterproof shoes. The path is not paved and now and then also boggy. Some puddles are much deeper than you think.

Anker Weg Gosen
Feldweg bei Gosen, Brandenburg

Gosen - Brandenburg

Country Lane near Gosen, Oder-Spree district, Brandenburg, Germany.

This path was surprisingly easy to cycle and led into the middle of the beautiful nature reserve "Gosener Wiesen".


Only a very small part of the swampy area is accessible.


But also at the edge you can enjoy the nature here to the best of your ability.


If you are calm and attentive, you can observe cranes and otters and other wildlife. Part of the area can also be explored by canoe.


Berliner Strasse

15537 Gosen

Notice of external linking:

The senate administration has put a detailed flyer on the net.

Only available in German.

Anker Weg Kartaly
Kartaly Steppe Weg

Cheljabinsk District - Russia

It is hard for me to tell if this is a country lane or maybe a country road.


It is also not easy to tell from where it comes and where it goes.


It's just there, just like the surrounding land is just there.


You can drive it for a long time without seeing anything new and yet you are not alone.


Sometimes a car appears out of nowhere and someone asks if you have seen his cows, sometimes a horse  comes from the horizon and the rider wants to sell mushrooms to you.


And at some point you will arrive somewhere.

Kartalinski rajon

Chelyabinskaya Oblast


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