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The Black Moor

A short trail through an intact highland moor in the UNESCO Biosphere Reservation Rhön.


Nürnbergs old town

The medieval period and relaxing beer gardens.

An excursion to Nuremberg's old town in summer.

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A short journey to special places in theCounty Cork.

Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Franken

Black Moor - Rhoen

I like moorlands very much, especially in autumn when it gets foggy - they have something so mysterious and also something scary.

The black moor is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön.  Fortunately, it has remained largely untouched by peat extraction and is therefore in a very original condition.


The climatic conditions in the Highrhoen - high rainfall and low soil temperatures - favor peat growth.

In order to make it accessible to hikers, a wooden walkway was built. 

A special feature of this bog is the frequency of bog eyes. These are cracks that form in the moor and then fill up with water.


They arise because the moor is in motion.

Nowhere else in Central Europe can you find so many bog eyes as here.


The largest has a surface of nearly 500 square meters and has a depth of roughly 2.5 meters.


A more detailed review on the circular hiking trail through the Black Moor can be found here.




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The Black Moor

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