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County Cork, Black Valley, Irland

County Kerry

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My favorite places in County Kerry

The Black Valley

The Gap of Dunloe





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Carrigaholt Castle, Lars Hauck

Road Trip

A road trip throughout West Clare along the Wild Atlantic Way and some picturesque detours.

Ross Island

Killarney National Park

County Cork, Ireland

Sheeps head way, Lars Hauck

The Sheep's Head Way


A remote valley near Killarney.

A paradise for hikers and guaranteed net-free zone.

Ladies View

Notice of external links:

On the official website of the Killarney National Park I found some useful background information about the park and its hiking trails.

I have therefore linked their website here.

My favorite places in County Kerry

I travel to County Kerry in the search for rest and recreation and sometimes just find myself.

I prefer to be out in nature and any weather is fine for me.

That's why my favourite places in County Kerry are outside the cities.

I like to travel in autumn. I then experience all kinds of weather and moods and meet considerably more Irish than tourists.

Valentia Island, County Kerry, Lars Hauck

Valentia Island

Much further to the west than to Valentia Island one cannot drive in Europe.


Exactly here, at this point, about 370 million years ago, a tetrapod left its footprints when it was walking through the mud near the shore. 

The tracks are fossilized and today are perhaps the oldest signs of vertebrates on land. 

Not far from here, from 1866, the first permanent transatlantic telegraph cable connected the European continent with the American continent.

The island has a wild, rocky coastline where you can feel the power of the North Atlantic up close.

Also worth experiencing is the hiking trail to Geokaun Mountain, the highest mountain on the island.

You reach Valentina Island easily via a bridge that branches off in Portmagee not far from the Ring of Kerry.

From March to October there is a car ferry between Reenard Point near Caherciveen and the capital of the island, Knightstown. 

Ballinskelligs Castle, County Kerry, Lars Hauck

Ballinskelligs Castle

My decision to pack the bulky rubber boots proved to be the right one.


The castle is on an island at high tide and can be reached on foot at low tide, but there are always more or less big tideways which would have been a real obstacle without the boots.

So it was really fun to discover this ruin extensively and to stomp carelessly through the silt sand.


It was built in the 16th century by McCarthy Mór to protect the bay from pirates, at the same time it served to demand tariffs for incoming merchant ships.

The Killarney National Park

Ross Island, County Kerry, Lars Hauck

Ross Island

Formerly an island, today connected to the mainland, Ross Island lies on the east side of Lough Leane not far from the city of Killarney.


It was here, about 1 kilometre from Ross Castle, that the first copper mines in Ireland and Britain were located, probably the first in Western Europe.


The mines started their operation from about 2400 B.C. and were operated until about 1900 B.C.. Due to the high copper demand during the industrial revolution, the mines were then reopened in the 19th century.

However, since there were serious problems with water infiltrations from the lake and also because Killarney's importance for tourism was growing, it was decided to replenish the mines, to remove the buildings and to renature the entire area.

The island is part of the Killarney National Park, the whole park is excellently connected with hiking trails and can be easily reached via the city centre of Killarney.

Ladies View, Killarney National Park, Irland, Lars Hauck

Ladies View

Also in the Killarney National Park there is this beautiful view point.

At the beginning there was a great love, the love of a queen into a land and its landscapes.

When Queen Victoria stayed in Killarney in 1861, her court ladies were on the wander. These ladies were so impressed by this view that it still has the name Ladies View.

This charm has not changed over the years. It is still very beautiful to sit here and let your gaze wander into the distance, when clouds are moving over the landscape you can enjoy the change of light.

The thing has a flaw nevertheless.

This beautiful place is situated directly at a road through the mountains and there is a parking place, big enough for buses and then there is a kiosk...

Nevertheless, if you come early in the morning, or like me a little later in the evening, then you don't have the kiosk, but the place for yourself.

If you have a longer stay I recommend to explore the national park on foot. It is very spacious and surprises again and again with great views and insights.

Kerry Valentina Island
Kerry Ballinsklligs Castle
Kerry Ross Island
Kerry Ladies View

Tetrapod Foodprints

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