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Sheeps Head Way, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck

County Cork

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Barley Lake, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck

Travel Feature

How a harmless trip can suddenly turn into a confrontation with the elements.

Kulcatherine Church, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck


A short journey to special places in the
County Cork.

Sheeps Head Way, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck

Sheep's Head

Far away from everything else.
The Sheep's Head Trail.
Wide views and all kind of weather.

Kulcatherine, County Cork, Irland

Kilcatherine Graveyard

Another random find.

A totally enchanted place.

In the north of the Beara peninsula at Kilcatherine Point lies this enchanted cemetery in front of a breathtaking scenery.

Nobody knows how old this ancient site really is.

The decayed church on the site was probably built in the 11th century, but it was built on the remains of a much older 7th century monastery.

The church was named after the mysterious St. Caithinghearn, also known as "The Cat Goddess".

On the cemetery there is also one of the oldest stone crosses of Ireland from the 8th or 9th century.

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Glengarriff Woods Reserve, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck



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Kilcatherine Church

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Air India Disaster Memorial

Black Valley, County Kerry, Irland, Lars Hauck

The Black Valley


A remote valley near Killarney.

A paradise for hikers and guaranteed net-free zone.


The Sheeps Head Way

The Barley Lake

Ahacista, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck


This beautiful, picturesque rocky beach is reminiscent of a great tragedy.

In 1985 a jumbo jet of Air India exploded in the air off the coast due to a terrorist attack.

All 329 passengers of flight 182, including many children, were killed.

That is why every year, on June 23rd, at 8:00 a.m., the victims of the 'Air India disaster' are commemorated at this beach and at the small memorial nearby.

Sheeps Head Way, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck

Sheep's Head Peninsula

Sheep's Head Peninsula hosts one of Ireland's most beautiful hiking trails.


Wide views, pure nature and solitude offer much of what it is worth to travel to Ireland for.


Barley Lake, County Cork, Irland, Lars Hauck

The Barley Lake

Barley Lake is a beautifully situated glacial corrie lake just outside Glengarriff.


It is situated at the top of the mountains on a plateau and can be reached on foot via winding paths, or even by car via a winding and adventurous small road.


This is not always easy and sometimes brings its own adventures.

You can experience my first encounter with this lake here in detail.

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