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Bizarre rocks and the bedroom of Salvador Dali
A visit to Cadaques and
at Cap de Creus in Catalonia.

Cadaqués, Katalonien, Spanien

Cadaques - a beautiful village in Catalonia and the village in whose immediate vicinity Salvador Dali lived and worked with his wife Gala in a small bay nearby.


In any case, over the years very important artists have been guests here again and again, partly before they later became world-famous.


There are names like Duchamp, Picasso and Matisse to name but a few.


Until today, it is a place of culture and in summer there are numerous events on a high level.

Anker 1
Cadaqués, Strand Spanien Katalonien Catalonia

The place has something wonderfully grown - the narrow streets- the beach that integrates itself into the townscape at the main square and then Cadaques is also surrounded by mountains, literally enclosed.

Even in bad weather it feels nice and cosy and the small town becomes a protective retreat because it is much less exposed to the north winds than the other places in this region.

The all around view of the horizon  gives me the impression of a closed little world in the center of which I am. 


Who comes here for a pure seaside resort would be disappointed.  

The beaches are too narrow and too stony, and they can't cope with the masses of tourists that come in summer.

City Beach

Cadaques Strand Meer Lars Hauck Sea

The tranquillity and the calming effect of the sea immediately put me in a vacation mood.


I feel on holiday when I have left my everyday life, the daily habits of  life take a back seat and I start to do things that I have not done for an eternity and that simply arise out of a whim.


Then finally my soul has arrived where the body is already.

Lloc Platja de Sa Conca 

 17488 Cadaqués

 Girona, Spain

Cadaques Port Lligat Bucht Bay Holzboot

Once I've decelerated and surrendered to idleness, I can enjoy the simplest things for hours without feeling bored. 

Seeing the boats dancing in the water and watching the endless variations of the reflection of the waves can be quite meditative in this Mediterranean environment.


Avinguda Paratge S'Alqueria 29

 17488 Cadaqués

 Girona, Spain

Cadaques Bucht Abendtimmung Meer Ruhe

This place is magical, especially in the evenings when everything gets quiet.


Then I like to sit by the sea and think about things I haven't thought about for a long time.


And when the night slowly sinks over the bay, a handful of small pleasant street cafes, bars and restaurants compete for my attention right in my back.

Avinguda Victor Rahola

 17488 Cadaqués

Girona, Spain

Salvador Dali

Cadaques Salvador Dali Statue Estatua Monument

And then suddenly he's here - Salvador Dali.


Everywhere in and around Cadaques you can find his traces and some views are immediately familiar because they play a role in one of his paintings.

Dali was firmly rooted here and spent the summers in his father's birthplace even as a child.


He loved this little town and spent most of his life here. 


Even today the place is characterized by its presence and it seems omnipresent - but at the same time I notice the gap he left when he passed, which is also somehow present here.

Estàtua de Salvador Dalí

17488 Cadaqués

Provinz Girona, Spain


Cadaques Port Lligat SalvadorDalis Haus Casa Museu

When Salvador Dali had spent a few years in Paris and New York, he was drawn back to the picturesque Mediterranean town.


In a neighboring bay he bought several small fishermen's huts and converted them into his apartment and studio.


It was here that most of his great works were created and where he lived with his wife Gala.

Avinguda Paratge S'Alqueria

 17488 Cadaqués

 Girona, Spain

Casa Museu Salvador Dali

Cadaques Bucht Casa Museu Salvador Dali Window view

His house is today preserved exactly as he left it and can be visited as a museum.


But because it is very narrow and winding, it is advisable to book in advance and make an appointment, especially in the high seasons this is sometimes recommended days before. 


But if you have the choice, you should rather not come in the high season, because then everything is really overflowing here.

This is the view from the bedroom window of the Dali's to the bay of Port Lligat.


A very own feeling to go by their dwelling. Everything looks in such a way as if they could come home again each moment.

Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí

Platja Portlligat

 17488 Cadaqués

Girona, Spain

Notice of external linking:


On the website of the Gala - Salvador Dali Foundation you can find all the information you need to visit the Casa Museum.

Platja des Sortell

Cadaqués Lars Hauck Spanien Katalonien

After a few days of daily encounters and exploration of him and his works, sitting by the water and seeing the same places as he saw them, places that inspired him and which I partly know from his works, that actually creates a very special closeness to this great artist.

It feels as if I had met him and at the same time was strangely empty.

Lloc Platja de Sa Conca

 17488 Cadaqués

 Girona, Spain

Punta de Cap des Creus

Cadaques Cap de Creus Fels

The area around Cadaques is very mountainous and crossed by small hiking trails.


Some of them are very old and their history goes back several hundred years.


I like to be surprised where they lead me.


It takes effort, but every time I have climbed one of the small peaks I am rewarded with wonderful wide views, as here on the Punta de Cap de Creus with the small lighthouse.

Cap de Creus


 Girona, Spain

Cala Fredosa

Cadaques Cap de Creus spain Costa Brava Salvador Dali Felsen

The Cap de Creus forms the easternmost point of the Spanish mainland.

Here the Pyrenees run out and the landscape is characterized by the proximity to the sea.


Only a few trees grow, but many reptiles and seabirds live here.

A fusion of wind - waves - weather and stone.

The wild and bizarre landscape can be found in many paintings of Salvador Dali and is partly so unreal that I sometimes get the feeling that Dali was a realist and simply painted this unreal landscape.

Cala Fredosa

Cap de Creus

Gerona 17488

 Girona, Spanien

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