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   Bucharest - City Stroll

Bukarest Städtereise citytrip Bucharest Park Herastrau red shoes rote Schuhe

We just wanted to explore an unknown city and drove relatively spontaneously and without any preparation to Bucharest in Romania.

We weren't focused on anything you "absolutely have to see", experienced the city without any time pressure and were happy about everything we encountered.

Because we came without any expectations, we were curious and open-minded, just took everything as it occurred and let ourselves be absorbed by the city and our mood.


Tehnoimport Building

Bucharest Tehnoimport Building Bukarest

This building attracted my attention.

Build in 1935 by the architects Harry Stern, Rudolf Fränkel and Marcel Local.

The modernistic building was the home of the state - owned foreign trade company "Tehnoimportexport", since 1985 it houses apartments.

Caru' Cu Bere

Caru cu bere Bukarest Bucharest

It was time for some night-life.

One might say that it is a tourist place and that is surely true.

But sometimes even tourist places are an original.

And this is one...

The place with its interior designed in art nouveau style opened 1879 and after a chequered history, everything is now largely the same as before.

First we thought that it was too crowded, but then we entered nevertheless.

They brew their own beer, the serve tasty food and the place looks fantastic, nothing wrong with that.

And hey, we are tourists.

caru cu bere Treppenhaus Bukarest Bucharest staircase romania

Since 2006, the descendants of the founder have taken over the management. They are trying to preserve the memory and to restore the original condition of the building and its surroundings in every detail.

On the upper floors of the building they also plan to build a memorial to the history of the house and its founder.

        Metro System

Bukarest  Piata Aviatorilor Metro System Bucharest

Entering Piața Aviatorilor Metro Station. I can‘t miss to checkout the metro system of a city I visit, because the metro system always shows me another face of a place. It‘s the noise, the smell and the people that give a chity its very own character. In Bucharest the metro opened for service in 1979 and the network is run by Metrorex.

Bukarest Metro Systm Bucharest Charles de Gaulle

Piaţa Charles de Gaulle

Metro Station

Bucharest is the only city in Romania that has a Metro. As the car traffic is regularly at a standstill during rush hour, it is a really necessary support for all commuters. During this time it runs every three to five minutes.

In 2016, almost 180 million people used it.

Bukarest Metro Station Piata Charles de Gaulle Bucharest

Piaţa Charles de Gaulle

Exit from the subway.

The stations develop their very own charm and in many places also represent a connection system for pedestrians to cross under the sometimes huge streets and crossroads.

Revolution Square

Bukarest Piata Revolutiei revolution square Platz der Revolution

A place of remembrance. On Dec. the 22nd of 1989 the last uprising against the then communist regime took place here. It is the place where the then dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu made his last public address - after which he fled and was executed shortly thereafter. The monument is intended to commemorate these events as well as the rebirth of the nation.

    Bold Architecture

Bukarest  Altbau Neubau Kobination Bucharest Kinsey

Walking through Bucarest, close to the revolution square I found this. I was surprised and somehow attracted by the mixture of old and new architecture - and no, this is no photoshop, they really built this.

       Roof Sceneries

Bukarest Hotel Klein Bucharest dark sky dunkler Himmel


The roof sceneries in Bucharest fascinated me and reminded me again and again of postcards from Paris. I was always fascinated by the substance of the city center. The building opposite is the National Bank of Romania and attached to it is the Museum of the National Bank.

Power Lines

Bukarest Elektro Kabel Straßenlampe Bucharest

On my way through the night

I suddenly stood at this street corner.
As an electrician in Bucharest you have to have a lot of skills - the most important thing, it seems to me, is to keep the overview.

20171025 1556 Bukarest xgr1017 Palatul P

The Palace of Parliament

Travel Essay

A place of superlatives.

A place of controversy.

Then and now.

The dream of a dictator manifested in stone.

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