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rambles and occurrences

Brandenburg, Feldweg, Lars Hauck


Of small escapes

and big airships

that remained castles in the air.

Anker 1


Sonnenuntergang, See, Brandenburg

My Brandenburg feeling

Brandenburg is my little escape when I am tired of the urban city ife.

There are many lakes and so in summer it is still possible to spontaneously get the idea in the afternoon to just go out for a drive and spend some hours out there.

If the weather is good, I like to stay the whole night with my hammock in the forest while asking myself what kind of noises there are all around me.

I travel through Brandenburg on foot, on my bike, or sometimes I even canoe.

From time to time I walk barefoot and go for a swim in one of the many lakes.

My Brandenburg experience is characterized by the encounter with nature.

There is a lot of pine forest and meanwhile just the smell of the forest is sufficient to give me a holiday feeling immediately, but even with rain the forest exudes a smell which I miss when I am too long in the city.

Anker 2
Cargo Lifter Hangar, Krausnick, Tropical Island, Lars Hauck

      The dream of a heavy lift airship

The vision of Cargolifter AG in 1996 sounded ambitious, bold and revolutionary:


to build a cargo airship capable of carrying up to 160 tons of freight.


Heavy loads, such as power plant blocks, were to be transported to areas that were difficult to access.

First of all, no less boldly, the largest self-supporting building in the world had to be built,  as a hangar.

Due to repeated cost increases, the company had to file for bankruptcy in 2002.

The hangar has remained as a landmark itself and is today widely known as an indoor tropical resort.

Gosen, Feldweg, Brandenburg, Lars Hauck

Gosen - Brandenburg

Country Lane near Gosen, Oder-Spree district, Brandenburg, Germany.

This path was surprisingly easy to cycle and led into the middle of the beautiful nature reserve "Gosener Wiesen".


Only a very small part of the swampy area is accessible. But also at the edge you can enjoy the nature here to the best of your ability.


If you are calm and attentive, you can observe cranes and otters and other wildlife. Part of the area can also be explored by canoe.




I am glad you drop by!

I am Lars, constantly plagued by wanderlust and I do have a preference

for spontaneous individual trips, outdoor adventures and road trips.

...feel free to join me on my endless journey in the moments I like to share within...


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Schwarzes Moor, Rhön, Wandern, Lars Hauck

The Black Moor

A short trail through an intact highland moor in the UNESCO Biosphere Reservation Rhön.



Checkpoint Charlie web.jpg

Cold War & Division


In the search for the traces of the Cold War and division.



Cargo Lifter Hangar

Tropical-Islands-Allee 1

15910 Krausnick


Berliner Strasse

15537 Gosen

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