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Lars Hauck, Helikopter, USA, Kameramann


Before I discovered photography I spent many years as a cameraman for television. My focus was doing documentaries all around the globe, and I was lucky enough to experience a lot of life and many  corners around the planet.

Today I enjoy exploring places and collecting impressions with very small equipment and remain spontaneous and flexible at the same time. 

I'm really in my element when I'm out and about in nature. There can be some bad weather, because it's just part of not losing respect for the elements.

...feel free to join me on my endless journey and the moments I like to share within...




I'm glad you stopped by.

I am Lars, I like to travel and I like unknown to explore unknown terrain.

I love nature and any kind of outdoor experience, but I'm also curious about cities and urban worlds from time to time, I also would never deny a promissing road trips.

I don't shy away from wind, weather or uncomfortable travel countries.

I like to make individual trips and I prefer to be active rather than lazy lying around on the beach.

I prefer to let myself drift, without plan and to-do lists, which tell me what I absolutely must have seen and give the coincidence a fair chance.

I love surprises and to make decisions always on the search for special experiences and discoveries on and off the beaten track.

Many times I have therefore found locations and places that I would never have actively searched for and which then widened my horizon and made me curious to discover the stories and events around them.


For me, traveling and photography belong together.

I like to discover places and interpret them in my own way.


These stories & events and the photos I take on my travels are what this website is about.

Now look for a comfortable place, lean back and put your feet up and come with me. Let us virtually travel into the distance, no matter if it is only just for a few minutes, or if you let yourself be kidnapped by wanderlust for longer.

By the way, you can also follow my travels on Instagram.



I travel frequently on foot and in rough terrain.

My photos are generally created spontaneous and unplanned.

I therefore appreciate a small and uncomplicated equipment.


At the moment I mainly use my old Sony Alpha 6000, but occasionally I also get some pictures with an iPhone 5s


I always have this reduced technique with me.


The Sony alpha I have equipped with a Vario lens 16 - 50 mm.

I have three batteries and a small charger that I can operate on a small power bank or in a car.


I usually have a Joby Gorillapod with me.

That's it.


I take more with me only if I have special requirements, otherwise I have the uncomplicated and flexible priority.



On this page I only reflect my personal opinion, it is always honest and not for sale. Contents which have been created in the context of cooperation or through the support of third parties are always clearly marked and provided with a reference to them, and the respective third parties are also named. 


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