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The Soviet Memorial in Berlin - Treptow

A sight, a memorial, a place of remembrance and a cemetery. The Soviet Memorial in the Treptower Park in Berlin has many meanings and is above all one of them very impressive.

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I still remember very clearly my first impression when I stood suddenly at this place during one of my exploration tours in the middle of the 90s.


I had never seen a memorial of this size before and was impressed by the sheer dimensions.


So the Soviet memorial was always on the agenda when I had to show the city to my visitors.


Gradually I opened it up for myself and dealt with its meaning, which also goes far beyond the borders of Germany. 

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal, Treptower Park, Berlin, Lars Hauck.jpg

The approximately ten-hectare areal is constructed with strict axial symmetry.


From the staircase of the burial mound with the statue of the liberator one looks over the symbolic cemeteries in the direction of the stylized red flags of the Soviet empire.


The actual graves of the fallen soldiers are to the left and right in the picture under the trees.

The facility was built directly after the Second World War on behalf of the Soviet troops to honor the fallen soldiers of the Red Army.

It is the largest of its kind in Germany.

However, the memorial is not only a place of remembrance,

it is also the final resting place for about 7,000 Red Army soldiers who were buried here in the Memorial.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal, Treptower Park, Berlin, Lars Hauck.jpg

The central and all other outstanding place of the Memorial is an artificially put on burial mound.

On it stands the huge statue of the "liberator".


In his left arm he carries a protective child, with the sword he has just smashed the swastika and liberated the world from fascism.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal, Treptower Park, Berlin, Lars Hauck.jpg

The statue itself is 12 meters high and weighs 70 tons and can hardly be surpassed in its monumentally.


It makes everything around it seem very small.

In October 2003 the statue was restored on the island of Rügen, cleaned, re-screwed and stabilized.


Afterwards it was brought back to the Treptower Park by a ship across the Spree river and just in time for the liberation celebrations in May 2004 the statue stood at the old place again.

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal, Treptower Park, Berlin, Lars Hauck.jpg
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Soviet Memorial


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